This is a cracking little 2 bed 2 bath duplex apartment being marketed by Dey, King and Haria.

This is right in the centre of town but also walking distance to the Junction Station so would rent out instantly. There is also a bit of a cache to being in a penthouse so it will appeal to flashy young professionals who can afford to pay a little more in rent!

You could easily achieve £1,250 for this flat in my opinion and you could maybe push for up to £1,350.  There certainly is a scarcity at the moment so we are often hitting higher levels of rent than we might expect.

At the lower end you are looking at yield of 5.8% but if you get the top end then you could be looking at a yield of 6.2% which is very good indeed.

There are however some chunky service charges on this block so please make sure you take them into account when working out your figures.

Length of lease can also be a factor although this lease seems to have a fair bit of life left in it!

If you’d like any help chosing the right investment property for you and your budget then please don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal, no obligation chat to see if we can help you.