Here we have a rare 2/3 bed terrace in a very popular area in Watford being marketed for £270,000 by Coopers.

First these houses passed the £250k mark.  Now they have passed the £270k mark and are difficult to find for any less.

This is a nice example of a popular terrace.  Don’t worry about the 3rd bedroom being off the second. So many of them are like this it doesn’t put people off.

You could rent this out for £1,195 which gives you a yield of 5.3%  – which is decent for this type of FREEHOLD property.  This is a very good long term investment in my opinion.

It’s been on the market a little while.  Has had a reduction.  Not sure whether this is to do with it’s interior condition.

I suggest having a look.  Let me know how you get on!

Check it out HERE