I really do enjoy my regular conversations with landlords or investors which often go a little bit like this:  “Where is my next deal going to come from James?” or “Where should I be buying next?” or “What should I buy next?” My first answer is often “I can’t answer that until I find out a bit more about your situation and what you want to achieve.” But this week I was asked a different question. A couple who wanted to stretch their budget were looking at Buy to Let in Watford and wanted to know where the cheapest streets in Watford were.
Cheapest Streets in Watford
I was unable to give the couple an answer off the top of my head but I’m always keen to help so I set about finding this information out for them and this is what I found….
If you’re interested in WD24 then the cheapest property can be found at Octavia Court – where the average value is £163,982.  In WD18 one of the cheapest places to buy is Argyle Court where the average value is £145,033.  In WD19 Lawrence Court off Seacroft Gardens (South Oxhey) is showing up as the cheapest place to buy with an average value of £138,263. Due to location is was no surprise to see the cheapest streets in WD17 were a little more expensive on average starting at £168,093 on Salters Gardens.
The above figures are based on both average sale price on land registry data plus average property price increase/decrease and can be used as a guide for where to buy cheap.  Land registry details do however take a few months to come through so the above may be a little out of date!
The cheaper streets are usually the places you can achieve the higher yields but will more than likely experience less capital growth.  If you’re interested in buying for yield then that is something you should consider.  The other thing you should of course consider is the recent announcement in the Budget about buy to let mortgage interest and how that will affect your net position.
If you are interested in having a complete list of all the cheapest streets in Watford then ping an email to james@caleyandco.com, say hello, and I’ll be happy to send it over to you! If you want to talk property I’ll always welcome your call.