The Croxley Rail link is a hot topic locally and a subject that I have been discussing personally with Watford property investors for quite some time now. The big question for the landlords/investors I have been speaking to is what difference the project will make to the local housing market. I wonder though if you are asking that question now whether you are asking too late.
If you are not familiar with the project, the government signed off the budget last week for £284.4million to develop the new stretch of the met line which will run from Croxley met line station to a new station on Ascot Road (Cassiobridge Station) then a new station on Vicarage Road then onto Watford High Street Station and Watford Junction. Watford’s existing met line station will no longer be operational according to the new plans and will only be used as sidings.
So how will this affect property prices in the local area? I believe this project has already had an affect.
Certainly in areas such as the bottom or Whippendell Road which will be close to the new Ascot Road station where prices have increased perhaps a little more rapidly than they have in other local areas. Watford estate agents
have been selling flats as “Close to new station” for some time now. This is not the only area to consider though with another large scale housing development planned in the area behind the hospital which will be very close to
the new Vicarage Road Stadium. I can’t comment on these flats/houses yet as they are not built or even close but they will certainly benefit from this transport link whether it’s inbound commuters to Watford – of which there are
more than you would believe or outbound commuters going into London.
So the question is, is it worth investing in these key areas which are being serviced by the new rail line?
My opinion is it is. If you’re in this for the long term then there will be significant benefits to buying close to these new stations. The tough part is the more savvy buyers have been investing in these areas for some time now
and have got the best deals while prices were much lower and the project was simply speculation.

If you’d like to discuss this project or any of the other development projects/proposals in Watford and how it might affect your current or future investments then I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me on 01923 375 300.
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