I decided to go a little off piste today with this blog. There have been a couple of occasions in the last week where I’ve been asked both directly and indirectly “why?” I do what I do and what makes me tick?
So here’s a relatively brief answer…..
I just love property
I’ve always been interested in property. I started watching homes under the hammer at a young age as well as grand designs and any other property program you might find on TV. I was hooked.
I bought my first property in 2007 just before the market crashed which wasn’t a great start!
After that I nearly chickened-out thinking the property game wasn’t one I wanted to play. I persevered however and surrounded myself with people that were interested in property and were more knowledgeable than me so I could learn more and get it right next time!
I got over my fear and bought my next property in 2008 and since then I’ve bought other properties. I run multi-let’s for cashflow and have single let’s for growth. I have also flipped property for profit.
I have made a lot of mistakes during this time and have lost money.
It’s not all doom and gloom though. I should probably mention that I have learned a huge amount in that time, especially from my mistakes, and have indeed made money through property which has also led me into a business I’m truly passionate about.
“How is this relevant to the blog James”…..you might ask.
“Where are the juicy figures you usually dish out about the local market?!”
Well this article is for those investors who are thinking about getting into property or making that first investment.
I get a lot of calls from people who have money in the bank but are simply confused and cannot make a decision on what to buy or where.
My message today is do your research and do it well but don’t wait for too long before making a decision. Not making a decision can be worse than making a bad decision sometimes!
I’m truly pleased that I can help local investors make better informed choices when considering a buy to let property in Watford. It’s one of the things I get my biggest kicks from and is one of the reasons WHY I do what I do.
I know the local market well and am happy to offer advice on any purchase you are considering. I’ll give you my honest opinion on whether it will make a good investment based on what your objectives are.
Your decision should be made easier with my help.
There is no charge for this service. I simply enjoy doing it. I enjoy getting to know people, seeing what makes them tick and what has got them interested in property.
If you’re a regular reader you will know by now that I trade as a specialist independent letting agent. That is how I make a living.
I write the blog because I love property and I enjoy helping local people to get into it.
If you think I can help you then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. And perhaps if I can help you make the right decision on what to buy, you might just bring that property back to me ask me to let it or manage it for you.