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At Caley and Co we are proud of the exceptional customer experience we provide. You will be listened to and treated with care and respect. Your situation is important to us and once we understand exactly what you require you will be offered our professional advice and recommendations.

Our aim is always to get you the highest possible rent for your property in the quickest possible time and this is done without compromising on the type of tenant we put into your property.

How can we help?

Whether you are a portfolio landlord and simply want an agent to market your property or you are a first time landlord and need a lot of guidance and help we can offer a solution for you. Give us a call to see if we can help.

1st Class Experience Or Your Money Back

We are so confident that you will be delighted with our service that we GUARANTEE IT! If you ever feel we have fallen short of our agreement you will not be charged. We’re proud to say nobody has ever taken us up on this offer!

No Hidden Fees! Our pricing is totally transparent.

Our fees are totally transparent as are any third party fees. Our fees are published on our website as it’s a legal requirement. We have nothing to hide. Our fees are very cheap for the super customer experience you will receive.

We wont Lock you into unreasonable contracts

You wont be locked into anything and if you ever do choose to leave us then of course we’ll be disappointed but we will help you with the transition and certainly not charge you an extortionate exit fee.

Tenant Selection
One of the primary concerns landlords seem to have is finding tenants that wont ‘trash the place.’

Your tenants will be thoroughly referenced but also chosen carefully.

Poor or unreliable tenants can still pass the referencing process, so we go beyond the standard credit and reference checks to ensure your tenants are lovely people, pay the rent on time and will look after your property.

We wont simply put the first person who applies into the property as we genuinely care about you and your investment.

Property Inspections
If you choose our managed service you will received a detailed property inspection report in pdf form every quarter. This will show the condition of your property including pictures, written notes, a score out of 5 for decor and cleanliness in each room and any notes on required maintenance.

This is often the point where tenants report maintenance issues so it’s a great way to ensure your property is looked after.

This is also how we ensure your tenants don’t ‘Trash The Place!’

If you’re managing your own property but don’t feel comfortable then we are still happy to conduct inspections for you for an agreed additional fee.

Financial Statements
If you choose our Fully Managed Service then we will send you a statement every month alongside your rent. This will show your rental income, our fees deducted and any maintenance expenses alongside the contractor invoices for complete transparency. These are great for keeping an eye on what’s going on with your property financially.

You will also be provided with an annual statement (upon request) which will help you work out your end of year income vs expenses for your tax return.

Rent Arrears
Due to our efficient set up of standing order payments and making this a term in tenants contractual agreement we rarely ever have missed payments.

Regardless of the above we still check rent payments every day and if they are not paid then we get straight onto our tenants to ensure prompt payment.

If you choose our managed service then we will arrange for all maintenance issues to be inspected by our reputable and insured contractors and then repaired as soon as possible.

We have a 24 hour emergency number for tenants should there be a problem that requires urgent attention and for day to day maintenance issues we have an online reporting system which means maintenance is dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

Overseas Landlords
We work with a number of overseas landlords.

To leave you largest asset in the hands of someone else takes a lot of trust and we work very hard to build that trust and ensure you and your property are well looked after and you have nothing to worry about even if you are on the other side of the world.

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Our Fees (inc VAT)

Our fees are totally transparent and published below. It’s a legal requirement for all agents to publish their fees on their website however many still don’t! Any additional fees including fee that might be incurred from 3rd parties are listed in the following section under our fees chart.

Additional Charges to consider:

  • Tenancy Deposit Service Fee*: £114
  • Duplication and testing of extra keys*: £30  plus costs
  • Tenancy Renewal Fee*: £3% of annual rent due
    If the tenancy to the same tenant introduced by Caley & Co is renewed or extended beyond the fixed term agreed period, or if an option to renew is exercised our commission will continue to be charged for the further agreed period.
  • Issuing Notice of Seeking Possession*: £90
  • Maintenance Repair Limit UK Landlords (see clause 4.1): £250
  • Maintenance Repair Limit Overseas Landlords (see clause 4.1): £350
  • Redirection of mail overseas: £Cost of postage
  • Obtaining estimates and supervision of major works: 10% of contractor invoice over £500
  • Administration of NRL tax returns: £90 per annum
  • Cost of arranging Legionella Risk Assessment: £80-100

* These fees are included in the Fully Managed Service Fee

All above charges are quoted including VAT

Third party services you may require:

  • Cost of arranging gas safety check: £54 (inc VAT)
  • Cost of arranging gas safety check & boiler service: approx. £125-160 (+parts) includes VAT
  • Cost of arranging Legionella Risk Assessment: £80-100 
  • EPC (Energy performance certificate): £70 (no VAT)
  • Preparing Inventory/Schedule of Condition:
    • Studio £95 / 1 Bedroom £100 / 2 Bedrooms £110 / 3 Bedrooms £120 / 4 Bedrooms £140 / 5+ Bedrooms £poa (no VAT)
  • Check out inspection plus comprehensive report
    • Studio £85 / 1 Bedroom £85 / 2 Bedrooms £95 / 3 Bedrooms £85 / 4 Bedrooms £120 / 5+ Bedrooms £poa (no VAT)

Some of our contractors are VAT registered, some are not. Please see above or feel free to get in touch for more clarity.  Contractor invoices are NEVER marked up and you will received a copy of the contractors invoice with any statement for total transparency.

Your rent will be held in a Ring fenced client account for your protection.

Caley & Co is a member of Client Money Protect – membership number CMP003858


Looking for an investment property?

At Caley & Co we work with a lot of landlords and investors. If you are on the search for an investment property then why not let us know. We’re happy to offer impartial advice on any property you might be considering including helping you work out the value, cost of work, yield and any other numbers. We’ll help you find the potential for your property.

Send an an email to to see if we can help.