This is a typical terraced property being advertised by the lovely folks at Oak Estates.
Ridge Street - Buy to let property in Watford
Now you may not get too excited about the 4.5% yield but in Watford that is pretty good as it’s getting harder and harder to find properties with the elusive higher yields.
This property in particular is in a great location in North Watford.  It’s one of the popular streets for both home owners and tenants alike and also looks like it’s in great condition. If you ever wanted to offload this then you would have no trouble selling it due to it’s proximity to Watford Junction.
If you want the easy life and are happy to sit on a property and wait for the value to go up over time then this could be a good option for you.
You’re likely to achieve £1250 per month in rent for this and you’d be looking at getting tenants straight in without needing to do any work to the property.  This gives you a 4.5% yield against the £335,000 purchase price.
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Anyone that know’s me will know that my life is going at 100mph at the moment with a business to run, an investment portfolio and 2 demanding little monkeys (my kids).  If your life is in any way similar to mine and you simply don’t have to the time to search for a property but DO want to invest then perhaps it’s worth considering this.  I’d certainly be happy to buy it as a slow burner that I know will be a solid long term investment that will never give me any grief.