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At Caley and Co we are proud of the exceptional customer experience we provide. You will be listened to and treated with care and respect. Your situation is important to us and once we understand exactly what you require you will be offered our professional advice and recommendations.

Our aim is always to get you the highest possible price for your property which will allow you to move to your new home.

How can we help?

Selling your property can be a bumpy ride so we’re here to help you enjoy a smoother journey. You will need an accurate valuation and a plan to get the best price. If you would like any help or advice please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Single Point Of Contact

You will be given on of our expert agents as your main contact who will will look after you throughout the whole process including marketing, negotiating and seeing your through to completion.

Bespoke Marketing

Our Unique approach to marketing will achieve you a higher sold price. We take time to ensure your property is presented in the best possible light and then put in the right places to ensure plenty of interest.

No Long Contracts

You wont be locked into anything and if you ever feel we have ever let you down you can let us go immediately. A contractual period benefits one party and that’s the agent. As we put you first we don’t do this.

Beautiful Photography
There are a number of steps to property marketing.

The first is to present the property in the best possible way. This means professional looking photos that are light, colourful and taken with the correct perspective. You have to have the right kit (which is expensive) to get the best images and the right amount of skill to ensure you do. Our trained team will get your photos looking fabulous so people can’t wait to come and see your property!

Accompanied Viewings
“Don’t all agents do this?” I hear you say. Well the answer is no.

We highly recommend an experienced agent is present to show buyers round your property. They will ask the right questions and more importantly get you the feedback you need, which very often can give you one tip that will help you sell it to the next buyer or one negative opinion that a good agent may be able to turn into a positive.

If you’ve gone down the online agent route then perhaps you’re doing your own viewings. Or perhaps your agent is not available because they’re too busy!

You potential buyer will rarely (unless they’re brave) give you honest feedback about your own property as they don’t want to upset you.

Having an agent there who knows what questions to ask, how to ask them and then follow up with them is priceless.

That’s why we accompany all viewings. We want to sell your house as much as you do.

This is where we come into our own and get you the best price.

Why risk doing this yourself?  Get an expert to do this for you.

Getting you over the line...
We block out time to ensure we are regularly chasing your buyers and any other links in the chain to ensure we get your over the line.

This part of the process is as important if not MORE important than the marketing. Depending on which source your read you can see that between 25%-40% of sales fall through and this can often be down to the agents or conveyancing solicitors not doing their job.

Our systems ensure regular reminders to chase down buyer, solicitors, vendors, surveyors, lenders/brokers to ensure we get you over the line as quickly as possible!

We are confident that we recommend the best solicitors to take on your sale.

You do not have to use our suggested solicitors however we know that a high percentage of sales fall through due to poor, responsive work from solicitors. Our recommended solicitors are proactive and will be instrumental in getting you moved to the next chapter of your life.

We Care About You
Rest assured you will always be our top priority and we promise to do everything we can to get you the best result possible.

We will NEVER push you into making a decision that doesn’t benefit you.

We genuinely care.

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