I drove passed this house a few days ago and noticed that the SOLD sign had been removed from one of the agents boards. Having just jumped onto Rightmove it would appear that Warren Anthony have indeed re-marketed the property from 28th September.
Here’s what is looks like:
Property with potential for HMO in Watford
Click here to be take to Rightmove for the full details.
Of course I don’t know the background information on this one and why the sale ‘might’ have fallen through. But it would appear to be the type of property that is fit for conversion to a small HMO – if it hasn’t already been used for that purpose.
You could potentially get 5 bedrooms out of this house.  If you spent a bit of money tarting it up too you could perhaps be looking at an 8.6% gross yield but remember with HMO’s you need to pay for the utilities and council tax so you may want to consider your net yield or return on investment for this one.
If you’re interested in talking about this property or to the same effect any other property you are considering in the Watford area then give me a shout and I’ll be glad to offer my opinion completely free.  No BS. No selling to you.  Just a good old chat about property – my favourite thing to do!
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